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Gatsby Benchmark 2: Learning from career and labour market information

Every pupil, and their parents, should have access to good-quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities. They will need the support of an informed adviser to make best use of available information
Here you will find links to help students to use labour market information to support their career choices

National Labour Market Information

  •  Nesta has a toolkit about the skills and occupations that are likely to be in demand in 2030.Download the toolkit here A lesson plan: 'The future of work' can be found here 
  • By signing up for 'Careerpilot Hot Jobs Graphics' you will receive a termly pack which includes:
    • 10 job graphics for use as posters, on social media and TV display; and pre-written text and social media posts, complete with hyperlinks to further information.
    • These have been designed to help schools and colleges inform parents about careers and job growth areas, and to meet the Gatsby 2 benchmark 'learning from career and labour market information'.
  • What's happening in the local labour market market? Find out which sectors and job roles are growing in East Sussex here. More information about trends in the county can be found here

Virtual Seminars on Labour Market Information

Last Updated - July 2020

In response to Covid-19, the East Sussex Careers Hub delivered a morning of CPD for East Sussex Staff and Employers. The video series which you can find below are designed to support teachers and students better understand current Labour Market Information along with practical resources to be used in the classroom

Session 1 : Careers in the Curriculum

Matt Brill from the East Sussex Careers Hub offers the staff CPD training around bringing careers into the curriculum in this webinar format. This webinar will support all teaching and careers staff across secondary schools and colleges with an overview of the importance of a whole-school approach to Gatsby Benchmarks 2, 4 and 5, with a focus on a whole-school approach to bringing careers into all curriculum and subject areas at classroom level. You can learn about a range of simple activities and ideas that can support you as a teacher or teaching assistant with bringing careers and labour market information into classroom delivery and discussions with your students, as well as a range of links and contacts to support you and in turn your students.

Find out more by watching

Session 2 : Career Pathways Post Covid-19 

A lesson plan to be delivered to KeyStage 5 students

Henrietta Valler-Still from the East Sussex Careers Hub has created a lesson plan and supplementary material to support teaching to Key Stage 5 Students. All documents are in an editable format, spend 25 minutes watching the video below and explore how you may want to adapt the lesson plan for your particular learners. Henrietta also introduces the idea of blended learning and how technology can be utilised to further enhance learning.

Click here for the student worksheet

Click here for the powerpoint

Click here for lesson plan

Session 3: Adapting To Succeed: Skills In The Pandemic Labour Market

Ruth Francis from the East Sussex Careers Hub presents this webinar for secondary teachers, careers staff and support staff. Ruth discusses how educators can help young people to gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed in the pandemic labour market. The webinar includes simple, practical lesson ideas, with a focus on encouraging students to boost their digital skills, be flexible and stay positive.





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