Gatsby Benchmark 4: Linking curriculum learning to careers

All teachers should link curriculum learning with careers. For example, STEM subject teachers should highlight the relevance of STEM subjects to a wide range of future career paths.

These resources support schools in meeting Gatsby Benchmark 4. Scroll down to find your subject.

Ask your Enterprise Coordinator and Enterprise Adviser for further advice and support and consult the Careers and Enterprise Company's resource directory.

Getting started

Careers Leaders can audit subject staff to find out what careers activity is already happening  - you might be pleasantly surprised! Use this CDI audit form to help you.

All staff can reference careers in schemes of work and report  careers activities to the Careers Leader, or record them using Compass Plus. Speak to your Careers Leader for support.

Here are some quick easy ideas to get careers into the curriculum:

  • On your subject noticeboard, display careers posters and photos and bios of former students who took your subject at HE, or did a related apprenticeship or job.
  • Ask your Careers Leader or the Careers Hub to arrange for a local employer to visit the class – face to face, or by MS Teams/equivalent.
  • Link a project to careers e.g. year 10 students can write about their work experience week during an English or Modern Foreign Languages lesson.
  • Invite a former student to talk to the class about studying or working in your subject – again, this can be face to face or virtually. 
  • Watch videos about people doing related jobs. East Sussex employer videos can be found at Get Career Confident, Culture Shift and on the East Sussex County Council’s careers playlist. Nationally, iCould and BBC Bitesize Careers have more videos, by careers subject or job type.
  • Integrate stories of successful or famous people who studied the subject.
  • Use your careers history to exemplify change and choices in career. You could invite your students to interview you and other teachers.
  • Task your students with finding labour market information on occupations relating to your subject.
  • Deliver this lesson plan on the future of work, based on NESTA's latest statistics
  • Use these Equality and Human Rights Commission lesson plans to challenge preconceptions about who does what job.
  • Advice from Gildredge House School on how to implement Gatsby Benchmark 4 - please credit Gildredge House when you use their copyrighted material

Starter ideas 



Webinar on Careers in the Curriculum

In this webinar, Matt Brill from the East Sussex Careers Hub teaches educators how to bring careers into the curriculum with simple lesson ideas to help your school reach 100% in Gatsby Benchmark 4. 


Students with SEND

Careers resources by curriculum subject

All subjects

Art, Design

Biology - see Science 

Chemistry - see Science 

Citizenship, PSHE, Employability

Dance (also see Drama, below)

Design and Technology

Drama, Performing Arts


The Careers Hub has commissioned a series of 10 lesson plans that embed careers within the Key Stage 3 English curriculum:

Enterprise, Business Studies,  Economics 

Film Studies

Food Science/ Food Technology


Health and Social Care


ICT, Computer Science



Click for FirstCareers Resources

Religious Studies/Education




PE, Sport

Physics - see Science

Science / STEM


Help with Gatsby Benchmark 4 

Ask your Enterprise Coordinator and Enterprise Adviser for further advice and consult the Careers and Enterprise Company's resource directory.