Online resources

We have compiled this list of online resources, videos and virtual support around careers for you to share with your children / students whilst they are at home and/or unable to benefit from more traditional employer encounters and experiences. This may be updated and subject to change.
We hope you find them useful and if you don’t do so already, make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn where we will be posting any other links as they are developed or we become aware of them.

Click here to find out more about the range of resources to support home learning for young people in Secondary School, Further Education and links for teachers.

Alternatively, we have produced two family learning resource crib sheets for you and the young person you support:

(January 2021)

Family Learning Resource

Family Learning Resource (SEND specific resources)

This guide explains how to use an Xbox or PlayStation to access Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom, making it easier for students to study online. With thanks to William in Birchgrove Comprehensive School in Swansea for creating this guide.