iCan Careers Event 2021

In January 2020 the East Sussex Careers Hub held a bespoke careers event for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities from Key Stage 4.

This year 2021, we wanted to create a guide for young people with special educational needs and disabilities in years 10 and 11 to think about next steps and their future.

Below you will find information which was launched on June 16th at our live virtual careers events. You will find that information is split into two groupings, SEND Group 1 and SEND Group 2. 

What did we plan for the live events on the 16th ?

  • An introduction to the virtual event and the careers box, by either Henni or Kim, your hosts.
  • An East Sussex sector and jobs reel
  • Aiming High interactive session (utilising the handbook)
  • A post 16 provider showcase
  • Post 16 provider and employer Q and A
  • A little fun careers / job guessing game
  • Motivational Speaker (Either Delta 7 or Action Jackson)
  • Introducing…..the Sunflower Seed Challenge!
  • Close and evaluation

The digital handbook which accompanies the events and the recording can be found below:

Group 1 Handbook

Group 2 Handbook

Recording of Group 1 iCan Careers Event (Group 1)

Recording of Group 2 iCan Careers Event (Group 2)

Pupils in SEND Group 1

Students with communication/interaction or cognitive and learning difficulties (who are less
likely to take GCSE’s or Level 2 Qualifications that employers recognise) – Pupils will more than likely be educated at Special Schools.

Find possible pathways below, a description and useful links and websites.

Supported/Inclusive Apprenticeships

A real job with training & a salary

Supported Internships

A structured study programme based predominantly with an employer


A work focussed study programme that prepares you for an apprenticeship or work

Supported Enterprise, Supported Employment or Supported Volunteering

Setting up your own business as either a freelance service, a sole trader or a registered company or you could work with a supported employment charity or DWP to support you into work

Foundation Course/FE College

Many of our colleges across East Sussex offer supported learning and foundation courses.

In some cases social care provision is more appropriate for certain students and this would only be through an Adult Care Assessment – please check with your social worker for more information.

Find out more about where you can move into the above pathways on our courses page!

Pupils in SEND Group 2

This may include students with social, emotional and mental health difficulties, behaviour, sensory or physical needs (they may be more likely to take GCSE or Level 2 Qualification that employer recognise) – Pupils will more than likely be educated at Special Schools, PRUs, SEMH or Mainstream Schools.


A real job with training & a salary

Further Education- A Levels, Vocational Qualifications, at a College or Sixth Form

A levels are an academic qualification similar in style to GCSEs that prepares you for further study

T Levels

A technical study programme similar to 3 A levels, with an industry placement which takes up 20% of the course. Designed to give you the skills that employers need

Entrepreneurship or Paid Employment

Setting up your own business as either a freelance service, a sole trader or a registered company or gaining a job


More information on those pathways click here!


As part of our iCan Campaign this year we had some friends of East Sussex Careers Hub create some very special motivational videos for us. There are even some activities to go along with the videos which can be found in the handbooks above!


Action Jackson telling us all

"Dream Big"

"Act Now"

"Never Give Up"

"You're Amazing!"

Parents and carers , Action Jackson has a recorded video for you also....


Meet Delta 7......Hear about how you can be your own hero....