iCan SEND friendly employers

As part of the iCan Careers Event this year we wanted to collate a list of businesses and employers who have pledged this year to be a SEND friend employer for young people. Please find the list below!

Please note this is not an official accredited scheme, but we aim to highlight to young people that there are many businesses in East Sussex that are working towards inclusivity and may welcome them in the future. 

Millwood Servicing Ltd

A 28 year established, award winning, family run & owned SME business focusing on Fire Safety, based in Surrey we cover all the surrounding counties around London and London its self. Millwood is registered as Disability Confident Leader from the DWP Disability Confident Committed schemes and is one of just of 300 companies in the UK to have achieved this prestigious award. Our CEO and owner - Matt Wood is the Inclusive & Disability Lead and he heads up a 60 strong team. In October 2020 Matt set up The WoodMor Foundation CIC with his wife Clare to change the way employers see people from the most marginalised sectors of society.

We asked Matt Wood (CEO) a few questions:

1.What are your recruitment processes to support applicants with SEND

"We use our Zero2Hero Apprentice programme where we take on three Apprentices per year"

2.How does your workplace promote inclusivity?

"From the top down – starting with me"

3.Why is it important for you to have a diverse workforce?

"Because employing the character and teaching the skills works on every front in business including financially, morally, ethically and intelligently; furthermore by being inclusive and diverse it ensures we are exposed to the vast pool of untapped talent that exists. Don’t just take our word for it… ask 50% of our staff who have a disability, defence or who come from a marginalised sector."