iCan Sunflower Seed Challenge

As part of the iCan Virtual Careers event 2021 we have partnered with 2 local employers to set you 2 challenges.


In taking part in the challenge you are gaining essential employability skills such as problem solving and will be entered into a prize draw to win an Amazon Voucher. Our partner employers will also be running follow up workshops and tips on their social media channels to help you out along the way. See below for more information!


Take photos and share using #iCanSunflowerChallenge


You may have received sunflower seeds as part of the daytime school virtual event showings but feel free to join along if you have your own sunflower seeds at home!


Challenge 1 : 

Set for you by Sussex Wildlife Trust

Task: Use your sunflower seeds, an apple, some string, and twigs to make your own bird feeder!

More information: Download this factsheet with handy images to help you make your creation

Next steps: Build your bird feeder and share photos on yours or your school social media channel. Use the hashtag #iCanSunflowerChallenge and tag @careershubes



Twitter: @SussexWildlife.   

Instagram: @SussexWildlifeTrust


Challenge 2 :

Set for you by Factory Internet

Task: Grow your sunflower seeds and create a digital log to track your growing process.

More information:

What is a digital log?

Anything you want it to be! An online graph, stop motion, or utilise technology in another way.

Find more information on creating your own stop motion here: How to Make Stop Motion Videos - YouTube

Next steps: Create your own digital log of your sunflower seed growing journey and share using your own social media platform, use the hashtag #iCanSunflowerChallenge and tag @careershubes


Twitter: @FactoryInternet