Year 11 Inductions and taster days for colleges and sixth forms, summer 2021

Ark Alexandra Academy

At Ark Alexandra, we are offering an exciting transition programme which will set the students up for success in their post 16 education. The transition programme begins after half term and students will have the opportunity to choose from a wider range A levels and Business and Sport BTEC. Each student will study 5 subjects and, in the week commencing 21st June, each student will have a 1 to 1 conversation to confirm the subjects they wish to study in September. The opportunity to try a range of courses strengthens their understanding of the A level courses they wish to pursue and their decision making around their choices. Also, during the transition, they will enjoy a range of career related events, team building activities and sessions to develop their study skills in preparation for their post 16 courses. The purpose of the transition programme is to set students up with the skills to be successful in the next stage of their education, inspire them to study their chosen subjects, and introduce them to the rich opportunities the Ark Alexandra has to offer.

Information about Ark Alexandra Sixth Form can be found at Sixth Form | Ark Alexandra Academy

Any specific queries about applications to Ark Alexandra Sixth Form can be made to Mrs Juliet Horton, Vice Principal responsible for Sixth Form at or You can also call Ark Alexandra Academy at +44 (0)1424 439888

Students  with SEND, EAL, ASL and vulnerable young people can receive help from the iSEND faculty. Contact Charlotte Fautley (SENCO) at


Beacon Academy

Induction Days for students who have a place at Beacon Academy will be taking place on 22nd and 29th June. Our students who are staying on with us will have sessions with all their future A-level and equivalent course choices. In the first session they will be taught content and work will be set to be reviewed in their second session a week later. In the second session, alongside the review of the work completed, our students will be set up with their summer work to complete in preparation for September.

Further information designed to support students with transition to Beacon Academy Sixth Form, along with transition work and enrichment activities, is available from the Transition Portal Year 11 Into Year 12 Transition Portal | Beacon Academy ( This transition work is designed to prepare and give students insight into their chosen courses.

Information about Beacon Academy Sixth Form can be found at Sixth Form | Beacon Academy ( Students and their parents and carers can access a range of virtual experiences and online resources designed to support students with the transition to Year 12, including subject presentations created by Heads of Department, detailed course information and hear from current students about life at Beacon Academy Sixth Form.

Please contact Mrs Amanda Hilton, Sixth Form Manager if you wish to submit a late application. Visit our Applications page for full information about the applications process and entry requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact the relevant course leader or our Sixth Form Manager, Mrs Amanda Hilton on 01892 603018 or

For enquiries on behalf of learners with SEND please speak to the SENCO, Thelma Moodie at Further information about SEND can be found at SEND | Beacon Academy (

All staff contacts can be found here:

Info on the 16-19 bursary, travel cards and cars can be found here

Follow the Beacon Academy Sixth Form account on Twitter for all current activities @Beacon6th


Bexhill College

Bexhill College are continuing to take late applications and offer interviews to students as well.

Bexhill College will be sending broad transition activities to prospective students and schools on 7th June.

A mini-transition day for ALS/SEND students will be taking place on 8th July. Bexhill College aims to deliver this event face-to-face, but has also planned this as a virtual event in case. Contact for ALS and EHCP students, including transition queries is via the Study Centre Manager, Jacqueline Lindgren Eklow, email: Telephone: 01424 214545 ext 1108. Jacqueline works on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.                                           

A virtual transition event with subject specific activities will be taking place on 28th June.

An on-site transition event will be taking place w/c 5th July. Students will have a socially distanced 1-2-1 session with a teaching assistant. 

Bexhill College’s virtual Open Evening event pages, including a virtual tour of the campus, are still accessible from

Bexhill College have a dedicated parent-student portal and website for applications and online support along with careers and pastoral services.

For further info contact

Website information for 2021 applicants can be found on Students can email if they have any questions about admissions.

Keep in touch with Bexhill College via:

For details on how to apply, please see



Some Year 11 students and their parents, carers and secondary school teachers have been asking whether they could or should begin to study for their Sixth Form courses now. Year 11 students do not need to begin their Sixth Form studies early. The journey to academic readiness for Year 11s transitioning to Sixth Form study this September will follow our normal approach, which is:

  1. Ensure you have completed and mastered the content of your GCSE courses to the best of your ability. Reviewing aspects of your GCSEs which link to your course choices at BHASVIC will be highly beneficial to your success at Sixth Form, especially any parts of your GCSEs that you found difficult. Complete any work, including project work, that your schools have set you and these will provide fantastic opportunities to hone the transferable skills you will need for your next steps.
  2. BHASVIC Moving on Day – Tuesday 6 July – on this day you will attend a lesson in your chosen courses, and you will be set some work to do over the summer. This summer work is not designed or intended in any way to ruin your summer holiday (see below), but will enable you to keep your mind and other skills going and for you to be able to start in September with a little more confidence and familiarity with your chosen course. Our students enjoy and like the work our departments set you over the summer.

What should I do with study once my GCSE courses have finished? Our strong recommendation for Year 11 students is to use the remainder of the summer term and the summer holidays to conduct hobbies and enrichment activity, to socialise, have fun, to be outdoors and follow your wider interests… or develop new ones. These activities bring incredibly valuable wellbeing and personal development opportunities and are valued by all educators as a demonstration of engagement, dynamism, and a healthy lifestyle. This summer is one of those rare opportunities in your life where you will not have lots of study and looming exams or assessments to be prepared for – make the most of it!

We encourage as much safe social and outdoors activity as possible, having been stuck indoors for so much of the recent past. However, we know that many young people are fascinated by, and deeply enjoy, activity which occurs indoors, such as digital activity, reading or making. This is OK too, of course, and these interests are incredibly valuable – just try to limit the social media and computer games time and ensure you connect with friends and head outdoors as well each day.

I want to keep my mind and study skills going - what do you advise I do? For those young people who love to study and develop their minds, and before our summer work becomes available to you, there are some fantastic online learning courses and wider reading opportunities. If you stick to established and reputable sources, such as exam board reading lists and recommended platforms (all our BHASVIC courses have the link to the exam board specification from the course page on our website) you can take this time as an opportunity to proactively broaden your skills and interests in all sorts of fascinating topics and areas.

If you are unsure whether an online course (‘mooc’) is worth your time, any course which broadens your critical thinking skills will always be advantageous for Sixth Form study.  There are a wide range of providers such as FutureLearn, iTunes U, CourseraKhan AcademyAlison and the slew of universities in the UK and USA, who have lots of different courses that can be studied for free.

I feel like I have not learnt as much as I should or could have done due to lockdowns and know that everyone is saying that students through Covid are now at a disadvantage. I am worried that, despite meeting the GCSE entry requirement grades for my sixth form courses, I will still struggle and be behind - what should I do about this? For those young people who are concerned they may have fallen behind in their academic abilities and feel they may be at a disadvantage when starting Sixth Form, we have three key reassuring points to make to you:

  1. We’ve got this for you! Our teaching teams and staff are experts in what they do and our curriculum delivery for you when you get to BHASVIC will enable you to regain your momentum and will support the closing of knowledge and skills gaps. There is time at sixth form to do this and you will catch up.
  2. If you feel you are lacking in any critical aspects of your Level 2 (GCSE, etc) learning, which form important building blocks for sixth form study, then do take the time and opportunity to use the extensive revision content available from your school and from central locations such as the exam boards and BBC Bitesize, to practice and close any knowledge or skills gaps you are concerned about. However, our advice is to not worry about this and to enjoy this break in academic demands whilst you have your end of secondary school summer holidays, which you have earnt!
  3. The independent study skills you will have been developing due to lockdown learning put you in a more developed position than past students. Each phase of education requires a jump in independent learning skills and the jump from secondary to sixth form is a notorious one (as is often the jump from sixth form to university and from any education to the world of work). We believe you will be an advantage here – even if you have not faired so well during lockdown learning. Despite national media rhetoric about lost learning, which has of course occurred, we’d stress at BHASVIC that this is overplayed and there are other skills that have been developed. Also, the need to take up those social opportunities with friends and family and to follow your hobbies and interests are more important to your future success.

BHASVIC Virtual Open Evening from 2020, including virtual talks and presentations about the college and its courses, are available at

Our Priority Application Date was Monday 4 January 2021 @ 5pm. BHASVIC is oversubscribed so if you missed our priority date to send us your application, I am afraid it is unlikely that we will be able to offer you a place. You are still invited to make an application via our online form, but we strongly advise you to have alternative arrangement in place for your progression to Further Education this coming September.

Please consult for updates as well as the Covid-19 information page .

For any specific queries or concerns, see the contact list on the main website: .

All guidance about our BHASVIC Admissions and Application Process is summarised in this PDF which can be read in conjunction with our Admissions Policy. For questions about the admissions process please contact Denise Mansfield at

Students who need additional learning support should contact or

In addition to the support offered by personal tutors, all students are allocated to one of six Guidance Managers (GM’s). GM's are responsible for managing a group of Personal Tutors, and will handle the more serious issues that their tutees are experiencing. This includes extra support for students who are particularly vulnerable, especially when they are at risk of leaving the college early. GM's are also responsible for discipline issues, and safeguarding concerns about the tutees in their groups. Please see further details on the Guidance and Student Services Team.



If you have any questions about admission to DV8 in 2021, please feel free to email us at Further information is accessible on our website

Or contact us by phone:

Brighton - 01273 550432

Bexhill - 01424 213890

Keep in touch with DV8 via:

Dv8 Sussex - Home | Facebook

Dv8 Sussex (@dv8sussex) / Twitter


East Sussex College Group


This ‘Get to Know ESC’ document sets out information on all ESCG Year 11 activities that are planned or underway.

Interviews will be continuing throughout Summer 2021.

Students can still apply throughout the summer, but ESCG recommends that applications are submitted early to ensure your chosen courses are available, and ideally before the Get to Know days so that they can participate in those. Information about applying can be found at How To Apply | East Sussex College (

‘Get To Know’ events will be taking place on 23rd and 24th June for Eastbourne, 28th and 29th June for Lewes and 1st July for Hastings campuses. More information can be found at Get to Know Days | East Sussex College (

We are excited to announce that our campus tours will resume from 17th May as lockdown restrictions are lifted. ESCG on-site tours can be booked at College tours | East Sussex College ( We know that students can’t wait to see the campus in person - and we can’t wait to welcome them! We are working hard to ensure our tours are COVID-secure as we want students to feel safe and welcome. Our personalised tours lets students see the areas they’re most interested in. Witness classes in action and meet tutors and current students. We can’t wait to see you! Find out more about our campus tours here.

360 Tours - Our recent virtual open events were groundbreaking! In the first of its kind, students could take interactive virtual tours of East Sussex College, thanks to the latest digital technology. It was access all areas in a virtual capacity and we were proud to lead the way among FE providers in achieving this. View our event here - ESC Live

Look out for our latest student care package landing on applicants’ doormats in May! Designed to keep students engaged with learning and thinking about their future plans, there’s also a fantastic freebie included too! A digital version of the care pack will also be made available to schools at a later date.

ESCG is sending summer work packs to students who have a place at ESCG. New applicants will receive an ESC study pack designed to prepare them for East Sussex College. Packed with resources, tips and activities, these packs provide essential Summer reading so students are ready for their start in September. Study packs will be accessed from the student portal. See a sample of last year’s packs at

Students or parents and carers with questions about admissions are invited to email (for Eastbourne/Newhaven), (for Lewes) or (for Hastings)

Schools Liaison Team -

Eastbourne Schools Liaison Officer -

Hastings Schools Liaison Officer -

Lewes Schools Liaison Officer -

Information about SEND/Additional Learning Support and transition can be found at SEND Transition | East Sussex College ( and Additional Learning Support | East Sussex College (

The following email address can be used to contact the ALS team regarding transition queries This is for all campuses.

The wellbeing team can provide support with and/or signposting for vulnerable young people. More information can be found at Student Wellbeing | East Sussex College ( Rebecca Conroy, the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) can be contacted at 030 300 38889.


GB Met

Information about exclusive GB MET Open Events for Year 10 students, their parents/carers and school staff can be found at Year 10 open events (

GB MET's past virtual open events can be accessed from Virtual open events (

Information about applying can be found at How to apply (

Dedicated resources for every course area for Year 11 applicants and those thinking of applying to GB MET can be accessed at MET Prep (

For admissions enquiries please visit Greater Brighton Metropolitan College | Information for Applicants ( or contact the Admissions Team at:

Information and contact details for SEND, EHCP, EAL and vulnerable students can be found at Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Information (


Gildredge House School

Gildredge House are continuing to accept late applications to their sixth form and offer interviews for a September 2021 start.

An on-site Transition Day will be taking place on 6th July. The purpose of this event is to introduce students to other students who will be joining in September 2021 and subject staff and give them the opportunity to ask questions about courses.

The jump from Year 11 to Year 12 is a big one. Whilst September may seem a long way off, it is important that you are fully prepared for your A Level/BTEC studies in order that you can start as you mean to go on. Gildredge House Sixth Form staff have designed summer tasks and activities for each subject that students intend to study. Each task involves research or exploration and asks students to complete a piece of work that challenges their existing skills. These tasks introduce students to key ideas within the course, help to bridge the gap between GCSEs and A-Levels/BTEC and encourage students to think like and demonstrate a commitment to studying like an A-Level/BTEX student. Subject tasks can be found on the Gildredge House website from 7th June.

Whilst transition work is important, it is also essential that you ensure you rest and relax over the summer to prepare yourself for the challenges of Sixth Form. We hope you enjoy the summer and that you receive the excellent grades you deserve. We very much look forward to welcoming you to the Sixth Form in September.

For information on Gildredge House Sixth form please visit:

Make contact with for more information about the admissions process or speak to Miss J Graffham, Director of Sixth Form:


Glyne Gap


Information about admissions at Glyne Gap School can be found at Admission | Glyne Gap School

Information about further education at Glyne Gap School can be found at Further Education/College for students with special needs - East Sussex (

Students can contact the Head of Faculty about admissions about further education at Glyne Gap School at

Parents can telephone 01424 221215 for an informal visit and further information.


Grove Park

Information about Grove Park's admissions can be found at Admissions | Grove Park School (

Grove Park Sixth Form can be contacted at and 01892 603 077


Hailsham Community College

We are extremely excited at the prospect of welcoming our latest cohort of Sixth Form students to Hailsham Sixth Form in September and supporting them through their Post 16 journey.

We will be running an on-site, face to face Sixth Form Taster Day on Wednesday 30 June 2021, for any Year 10 student within the Eastbourne and Wealden areas.

To give you an idea of who we are and what we stand for you can view a short video about our Sixth Form centre at The Taster Day itself mirrors a day in the life of a Sixth Former, with students ‘trying out’ five subjects across the day. To sign up please go to Hailsham Sixth Form Taster Day External Student Sign-Up Sheet: Wednesday 30th June 2021 (Page 1 of 3) (

Our Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5 transition programme will roll out on 21st June 2021, with a detailed plan of subject activities, transition materials and opportunities to join us on site at the college.  It is our clear goal that following such a programme, our young people will be equipped with the base level of skills, attitudes and experiences needed to ensure a smooth start to Year 12 life.

The Sixth Form transition programme can be accessed by 21st June via Sixth Form Transition Programme – Hailsham Community College ( along with  the contact details of subject leaders who will be available to answer any queries students might have.

The expectation is that these transition activities will serve as a good bridging exercise for both staff and students, so it is therefore essential that students complete them to the best of their ability in readiness for the start of term in September 2021.

For enrolment, students are invited to join us on site on Friday 13th August.  With GCSE and BTEC results available at this point, we will be able to confirm subject choices and/or make amendments where necessary. The key point to make here is that as a small, dedicated Post 16 provider, Hailsham Sixth Form can work with you to ensure you reach your goals and support you every step of the way. Personal invitation letters and email correspondence regarding enrolment will be going out in the coming weeks.

We look forward to meeting all our students in the very near future!

General admissions enquiries, including those for students with identified special educational needs (SEN) but without an EHCP should be made as normal to the school/college office, as below. These applications will be considered in the same way as applications from learners without any SEN.

Hailsham Community College Sixth Form can be contacted at and (+44) 1323 841468


Hazel Court School

Hazel Court offers education for pupils aged 11-19. At the end of Year 11 all of our pupils move to our Further Education Department. Pupils are prepared for this with a well planned transition programme which supports them in understanding the changes ahead and provides them with opportunities to familiarise with the building and staff team.

Transition is carefully planned each year and is tailored to each individual student's needs. This includes the students attending visits, taster days and weekly timetabled sessions.

Information about transitions at Hazel Court School, including FAQs, can be found at Transitions: Hazel Court F.E. Department - The Southfield Trust

Hazel Court School Further Education Department can be contacted at and 01323 438340


Heathfield Community College

We are looking forward to meeting all of our new Heathfield Sixth Form students in September and have prepared the following programme to support transition into A Levels.

Heathfield Community College will be releasing transition work and subject textbooks on 29th June. Transition work resources are being regularly updated and can be found at:

Our materials will be live on the College website from Monday 7 June with a preliminary launch video available on Monday 24 May. Our dedicated webpage will include materials that prepare you for the step up to Sixth Form including:

  • Effective time management and independent learning
  • How to take notes and how to be efficient with reading and revision

Alongside of this there will be specific subject work that will support you with bridging the gap between GCSE and A Level studies, exploring further reading alongside specific Transition Tasks set as part of our induction period.

Taster Day: Wednesday 30 June

Our Taster Day will take place on Wednesday 30 June and students will receive information regarding this by email prior to the day. Students will have the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a sixth form student by attending lessons and getting involved in our enrichment offer.

Open Mornings

Open Mornings will take place in Term 6 for students who have applied for September 2021. This will include a tour of the College and a question and answer opportunity with a member of the Sixth Form Team. To book an open morning please visit Transition Page on our website   or contact us directly.

Question & Answers

If you have specific questions about the College or your application, there are a number of opportunities to book a 15-minute Q&A with a member of the Sixth Form team. See the website for further information.

The link to this year’s virtual Open Evening, including narrated subject videos:

Results & Enrolment

Our enrolment form will be published in July and can be submitted prior to results being received. For students to be successfully enrolled at the College they must meet the entry requirements and have submitted their enrolment form and statement of results no later than Tuesday 17 August at midday. Any enrolment forms received after this date cannot be guaranteed places on the courses opted for.

If students require advice and guidance regarding their application, they can book appointments to meet with a member of the Sixth Form team on Thursday 12 August (current Heathfield students) or Friday 13 August (new to Heathfield students)

We know that you have experienced a challenging year, but we hugely impressed with how you approached your applications and interviews and know that you will be ready to take the next steps in your studies in September.


Transition Page:  

Twitter: @heathfield_6th


The Sixth Form team can be contacted from the main college reception at 01435 866066 or by emailing the Head of Year 12 and 13, Sam White, at

The SENDCO for Heathfield Community College can be contacted

Any students feeling vulnerable or needing support, should contact the pastoral manager at:

Information can be found here for 6th Form enrolments and important dates:

'Bridge the Gap' transition support and workbook are available at:

Further 6th Form links:

Contact Us – Heathfield Community College (

Welcome – Heathfield Community College (


Plumpton College

Plumpton College are planning a range of events and activities to welcome prospective students to access our site both physically and virtually.

Saturday 22 May - we are a planning our next Information Event which will allow prospective students to access in-depth course information, have a one-to-one chat with one of our lecturers and have an onsite visit.   – This event will incorporate an opportunity for perspective students, who have not previously applied, to come onsite to view our facilities and speak to curriculum and support staff alongside a online Virtual event where students can access course information, view interviews with our staff and book a 1 to 1 appointment.

June - Our curriculum staff are keen to start to engage with our potential students and are aiming to set a series of Summer Tasks and Challenges over the summer months which will give students (who have received an offer) a taster of the courses they will enrol on in September – details of the summer challenges will be released in June.

5 July - We will be running a Parent Welcome Event. This virtual event will equip parents with all the information they need regarding students start in September along with setting the colleges expectations of all of our students.

6 July – Parent Onsite Forum - A chance for parents to visit the site and ask our staff any questions face to face.

8 July – Student Welcome Event – This event will give all students, who have received an offer, the chance to come onsite to meet their lecturers and peers as well as familiarising themselves with our site and the facilities we have available.

Keeping in Touch - We will be sending regular monthly updates and information out to all students who have been offered a place here at Plumpton along with ‘Keeping in touch’ WhatsApp messages to keep students engaged.

Application are still being accepted - We will continue to interview students over the summer months for any late applicants or applicants who change their mind and want to come to Plumpton following exam results - 16+ Courses - Plumpton College

The currently recorded virtual tours can be found at the bottom of the Schools Portal resources page at Resources - Plumpton College

Year 11 students who have a place at Plumpton on supported internships or with EHCPs will receive information packs and be able to access an additional support programme and wellbeing team via WhatsApp group.

At Plumpton College, we pride ourselves on being inclusive. The Inclusive Learning and Development Team is committed to including and supporting you to access all available opportunities and to have a positive learning experience. Whatever learning difficulty, disability and/or medical condition you have, we offer personalised support centred on you. We are here to help and guide you, monitor your progress and work with you to achieve your goal.

Within the team we have experienced and qualified learning support assistants, teachers, key learning mentors, communicators and assessors who are committed to offering the support you need.

Catherine Hernandez is the Head of Inclusive Learning and Development for SEND, EAL, ASL and vulnerable young people and can be contacted at Lesley Edwards, Foundation Learning Manager - and Scott McCue, Dept Manager -

Information to support young people with SEND can be found at Additional Learning Support - Plumpton College. Plumpton have produced 2 new videos, a Q&A about inclusivity and about their new Outreach programme.

General careers information and updates can be found at Careers - Plumpton College

Speak to the Enquiries, Advice and Guidance team on 01273 890454 or email for more details and the latest news.


Seaford Head School

We are looking forward to welcoming new students to our in-person induction day on Wednesday 7th July, when new students will get to tour the sixth form centre and meet their new teachers in a taster lesson. There will also be the opportunity to find out about day to day routines in the sixth form, learn about our vision and expectations for students centre and meet other key members of staff.

Students will also receive a transition unit of work for each subject which is designed to support the move from KS4 to KS5. This will give students some activities to do over the summer to help stay focused and inspired ahead of starting with us in September. There will also be a reading list and information about the course which will help you to prepare for the year ahead.

Your new teachers will take in the transition work in September, and this will give them an indication of how well prepared you are to start the KS5 program of study.  We will spend some time at the beginning of Year 12 looking at study skills and independent learning techniques.

Our enrolment day is on Friday 13th August, so once students have their GCSE results on Thursday 12th August, they can enrol at the sixth form centre the following day to confirm their place.

Information about applying to Seaford Head Sixth From can be found at Applications | seafordheadschool. Applications for September 2021 start are still open.

If there are any questions, students can get in touch with Ms Ralph:

Information to support young people with SEND can be found at SEN | seafordheadschool. Jo Smith is Seaford Head’s SENDCO on so any enquiries for learners with SEND or ASL can be directed to her.


Uckfield Community College

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our new Y12 students into the Sixth Form to start the next crucial part of their education.  We know that the last 18 months have been unprecedented, and students have had to show resilience and self-motivation like never before. 

We are ready to support learners with the next stage of their journey and have provided a range of transition activities that are being sent to both our own current Y11 and to our applicants from other schools and colleges.  These tasks are designed to keep your mind active but also to help you prepare for the specific subjects that you have decided upon. 

In the fortnight of Monday 28th June - Friday 9th July we have a Subject Enhancement Fortnight for students who are joining Uckfield College Sixth Form in September 2021. This is optional but is a great way for students to get some experience of the subjects they want to take. Please feel free to email Form admin) for more information.

Our enrolment will take place on Thursday 26th August and students should email if they have not already requested a place at the college.  On this day we will enrol students on to their chosen A level and BTEC Level 3 courses and make any necessary adjustments to their programmes on the basis of the exam results.  The Sixth Form team carry out enrolment so are well equipped to provide any support and advice that is needed.  Students at enrolment will also be provided with an induction task for each of their subjects, which they will complete before the start of term so that they can really “hit the ground running” in the first lesson. 

For further information about any of this students can email the 6th Form office at And don't forget our prospectus and curriculum booklet are available at

SENCOs are Cathryn Nyren and Dara Wakeling whose email is:

We very much look forward to welcoming you in September and wish you a very enjoyable summer.  


Uplands Community College

Uplands Community College looks forward to welcoming the sixth form students of September 2021 and to engaging with them in the next stage of their educational journey.

Careers advice and information regarding post-16 choices is always a priority and an explicit feature of our careers provision throughout the sixth form.  In addition, we always ensure that each year 11 student has an interview with both a level 6 qualified careers adviser as well as with a member of our own careers team. 

This year, because of the additional difficulties caused by the national school lockdowns, we have introduced a two-week A-level readiness programme which will take place in term 6.  This programme will enable us to cover some of the essential knowledge that is needed for A-level study that may have been missed due to the pandemic and will allow us to further develop independent study skills.  We also aim to ignite a passion for the A-level programme of study and provide students with some independent work to be carried out over the summer holidays so that they arrive in our newly refurbished 6th form area ready and able to hit the ground running in September.  There will be more information about the A-level readiness programme soon.

For those remaining at the college into Year 12, enrolment takes place on GCSE results day, with a two-day induction at the start of the September term.  Prior to enrolment students take part in a two-week A-level readiness programme in term 6. 

We continue to accept late applications from external students with interviews resuming in Term 6.

Additional enrolments will be taking place on 13th and 17th August from 10:00 to 14:00.

Two-day induction will take place on the first two days of the September term w/c 30th August.

Virtual Sixth Forum Open Days can be accessed from Sixth Form Open Day | Uplands Community College (

Information about applying for Uplands Sixth Form can be found at How to Apply | Uplands Community College ( If you have any queries about applying to our Sixth Form, please contact

For admissions, please contact the college via our main number 01892 782135 and ask for Louise Ring or Mr J Cunningham if Louise is unavailable.. The Head of Sixth Form and Assistant Principle, Mr J Cunningham, can be contacted at

Information to support young people with SEND can be found at SEN Information | Uplands Community College (

For parents of young people with SEND please contact Julie Nicholls SENCO at


Varndean College

Priority applications ended 4th January. If students would like to apply after February Half Term, they must contact Varndean College for the application process. Information about Year 11 transitions can be found at Varndean College

Varndean College’s Academic Project will be released w/c 7th June.   

Subject specific work for students will be released online w/c 29th June.

From  June 14th  - June 29th - there will be a series of webinars, interactive online lessons and subject specific tasters and projects in each of the subjects you have chosen. There will also be the opportunity for you to try subjects you haven’t chosen, but you are considering, in order to help you make the right choice before your Enrolment Interview in August.

A New Students' Day, including face-to-face teaching, will be taking place Wednesday 30th June.

‘A Flying Start’ subject follow-up will be taking place from 31st June to 10th July.

Enrolment Interviews take place on 25th, 26th, 27th and 31st August

Year 11s joining Varndean College this September can find information on how to prepare for college, with FAQs and details of a research project to complete over the summer at

For general enquiries, the Office Team can be contacted at Varndean College at

Information about support available to young people with SEND at Varndean College can be found at Varndean College