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Government and Politics A Level

Social Sciences

Social Sciences
Social Sciences
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Code 11
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Politics affects every aspect of our lives. From tuition fees to tax on tampons and from same sex marriage to Nigel Farage, politicians make decisions that influence us all.

A Level Government and Politics allows you to investigate and question who holds power, how they got it and how we can get rid of them. Through innovative and active lessons, you will explore world events as they happen and analyse their impact on the UK and USA .


The A Level Government & Politics programme has been carefully designed to give a broad introduction to UK and US politics, while building on and developing your knowledge and experience of political systems.

The whole course revolves around contemporary issues and events, making this a uniquely relevant area of academic study.

Topic 1: UK Politics

This unit examines the nature of democracy in the UK and you will explore and evaluate how the government and the people communicate and how it could be improved. You will study democracy and participation, the main political parties and their ideas, elections and the impact of pressure groups.

Topic 2: UK Government

This will introduce you to the major governmental processes within the UK. You will develop a critical understanding of the role of institutions such as Parliament, the Prime Minister, the Supreme Court and the Constitution and you will analyse where power lies and how effectively it is used.

Topic 3: Government and Politics of the USA

You will investigate the US political system, examining how well it responds to challenges in US society. Opening up the processes by which decisions are made in the most powerful nation on Earth, you will compare the powers of the US President, Congress and Supreme Court to their UK counterparts. You will also consider the major issues of recent elections to assess the nature of political participation as well as the role and impact of political parties and pressure groups.

Topic 4: Political Ideas

You will study the history of the major political ideologies – conservatism, liberalism and socialism – their origins, key thinkers and impact on the world. Alongside this we will study one optional theory, currently feminism .

How will it be delivered?

Three units assessed through examination at the end of the second year.

Entry requirements

5 A*-C grades or equivalent (including grade 5 in English or another written subject)


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