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Design and Technology- Product Design

Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies

Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies
Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies

What will you be working towards?

Code 22
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


This creative and thought-provoking qualification gives students the practical skills, theoretical knowledge and confidence to succeed in a number of careers (especially those in the creative industries). Students will use their creativity and imagination to design and make high quality prototypes that solve real and relevant problems, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values. They will learn about contemporary technologies, materials and processes, as well as established practices. Students will investigate historical, social, cultural, environmental and economic influences on design and technology and will put this learning into practice. Students will gain a real understanding of what it means to be a designer, alongside the knowledge and skills sought by higher education and employers.


• Learn to show innovation and enterprise whilst considering their role as responsible designers and citizens.  

• Develop intellectual curiosity about the design and manufacture of products and systems, and their impact on daily life and the wider world.  

• Learn to work collaboratively to develop and refine their ideas, responding to feedback from users, peers and expert practitioners.  

• Gain an insight into the creative, engineering and manufacturing industries as well as develop the capacity to think creatively, innovatively and critically through focused research and the exploration of design opportunities arising from the needs, wants and values of users and clients.  

• Develop knowledge and experience of real world contexts for design and technological activity.  

• Develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of materials, components and processes associated with the creation of products that can be tested and evaluated in use. 

• Be able to make informed design decisions through an in-depth understanding of the management and development of taking a design through to a prototype/product.  

• Be able to create and analyse a design concept and use a range of skills and knowledge from other subject areas, including maths and science, to inform decisions in design and the application or development of technology. 

• Be able to work safely and skilfully to produce high-quality prototypes/products.  

• Have a critical understanding of the wider influences on design and technology, including cultural, economic, environmental, historical and social factors. 

How will it be delivered?

• Coursework (NEA) will account for 50% of their final grade and will involve a substantial design and make project (similar to GCSE but a more challenging product with an in-depth portfolio) 

• Written examinations: Technical Principles Exam (30% of final grade) 

                                         Designing & Making Principles Exam (20% of final grade) 

Entry requirements

Students need to achieve a grade 6 in Design & Technology and Maths.

Your next steps...

Some future career paths include Product Design, Graphic and Digital Design, Art & Design, Engineering, Construction Industry, ICT Industry, CAD/CAM, Interior Design, Architecture, Landscape Design, Industrial Design, Promotion and Advertising, Electronics, Robotics, Project Management, Media 



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