A Level Product Design

Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies

Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies
Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies

What will you be working towards?

Code UP21Pd
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Product design encompasses a wide range of design disciplines but is firmly rooted in the skills required to design and make high quality products.  Products that are fit for purpose, environmentally friendly, meet client's requirements, enhance our day-to-day lives, and most importantly, give students the opportunity to demonstrate their design and technology capability.  


This is a two-year linear course, which will consist of theory, NEA (Non-Examined Assessment, or coursework in old terms) and an examination at the end of the two years. Our students enjoy a wide variety of workshop and theory based lessons, with theory and independent making tasks dotted throughout the first year, with the major NEA in the second year. 

We expect our students to be creative thinkers and makers, who have a real passion for design, and will push design boundaries to discover new things of their own. Product design A Level has an outstanding legacy of results with some of best results across the school for the last three years in a row, we are so proud of our wonderful young designers. 

You will need to be organised, focused, and meet deadlines.  If you are keen to do a design degree, this is an excellent place for you to really extend your skills and build an outstanding design portfolio of your own.  


During the NEA task, students will have the opportunity to design and make a working prototype of a commercially viable, feasible product. This will be fully researched, designed, developed, tested, manufactured, and evaluated in an iterative way, to allow for excellent outcomes and a more skilled design process.  Due to the challenging nature of this course, we recommend that students take GCSE product design before taking the A Level.   

How will it be delivered?

Unit 1.  NEA: 50% of qualification.  Students are given the opportunity to apply the skills that they have acquired and developed throughout this course of study, to design and make a product of their choice that complies with the requirements of a product, for a live client of their choice; 

Unit 2.  Examination: 50% of the qualification.  Students will develop their knowledge and understanding of a range of modern design and manufacturing practices and contemporary design issues.   


Entry requirements

5 GCSE's at grade 5 or above (including English and Mathematics) and Grade 6 in resistant materials or graphics.

Your next steps...

The majority of our students every year go off to study a design related course at university with courses including motor sport engineering, civil engineering, aeronautical engineering, architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design, landscape design and more.