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Health, Public Services and Care

Health, Public Services and Care
Health, Public Services and Care
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Paid employment can bring life-changing benefits for people with learning disabilities and autism. Aside from the financial advantages, the improvement to their self-esteem and confidence can be astounding.With the right support, people with learning disabilities and autism can be happy and valued employees in any industry.

Supported Employment is the process of helping someone find work, learn the job to a high standard and ensuring their continued success in that role.
The Supported Employment model has been successfully used for decades, creating a partnership between businesses and the supported employees with long term benefits for both parties.


We understand that the support our candidates receive is critical to improving the situation. This is how we help:

  • Finding the right job for the right person
  • Work experience opportunities
  • Job Coaching before and during employment
  • Additional support such as travel to work and benefits advice

Entry requirements

Please contact us directly to discuss all aspects of our Supported Employment programme