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About us

Welcome to The View @ East Street

The View @ East Street (TV@ES) is a study-centre for 16-17 year olds based in the heart of Tonbridge, Kent. TV@ES is a satellite centre of the highly successful Hillview School and has been created for students who may need additional support with their first steps into the workplace and those that would like to boost their GCSE and level 2 qualifications prior to securing a place sixth form or college. TV@ES will offer the highest level of support through a personalised and nurturing approach to its learners, with dedicated pastoral support, counsellors and support mentors. This centre will support young people who would benefit and prefer to study in a smaller learning environment.

Study programmes can be personalised to meet the learner's interests and needs. Our personalised careers advice will support the learner meeting their aspirations and guide them onto the next part of their journey whether it be moving onto an apprenticeship or further full-time educational studies in a sixth form or college environment. Our focus is firmly on equipping young people not only with key qualifications, but also with the broad range of employability and life skills they need for a sustained career with the option to continue their studies in Higher Education.

Additional Learning Support at the TV@ES is designed to remove any potential barriers to learning and ensure positive and successful outcomes. We will work closely with all our learners to organise support and make reasonable adjustments to their learning experiences. Our experienced and specialist team will offer a range of support, treating all students as individuals and enabling them to achieve their full potential.

Learners will also have the opportunity to be involved in the Unicef Rights Respecting Schools Award. The Award is based on principles of equality, dignity, respect, non-discrimination and participation and supports the creation of safe and inspiring places to learn, where young people are respected, their talents are nurtured, and they are able to thrive.

Programmes of Study and General Entry Requirements

Level 1 Work-related Learning Study Programme is open to all 16-year-old learners with an interest in learning work-based skills and work-related learning through a study and experience. It is aimed at level 1 learners but can be enhanced to level 2 for the appropriate learner. English and/or Maths must be studied if a Grade 4 GCSE has not been achieved. If a grade 2 or below has been achieved, Maths or English Functional skills may be considered as an option of study.

To apply for this programme, please select Level 1 Work Related Learning Study Programme only from the courses list on Kent Choices. 

This study programme is flexible and may be appropriate for level 1 learners seeking qualifications to support access to Level 2 academic and vocational qualifications next year.

Level 2 Academic Study Programme is open to all 16-year-old learners with evidence of achievement of GCSE and vocational qualifications at Grades 1-4. This suite of courses is aimed at Level 2 learners. GCSE English and or Maths must be studied if a Grade 4 or above in GCSE has not yet been achieved. It is likely that there will be an expectation for Grade 5 to be achieved for many A level courses.

To apply for this programme, please select between 3 - 5 GCSE or Vocational Courses that are listed.  

This study programme is ideal for learners intending to move to A Level and level 3 Vocational qualifications at schools or college next year.

Student support

Pastoral care is paramount to the success of all learners and the individual student support and safeguarding at TV@ES will ensure that learners will develop in confidence to engage with the challenges and opportunities their learning brings. We develop our students to be community minded and learners who enthusiastically engage with events and wider community.

TV@ES is supported by a dedicated Student Support Manager and we through Personal Development Learning sessions, we ensure all our learners will receive emotional, social and organisational guidance throughout their studies. Where appropriate and needed, we have access to counselling services to support the learner overcome potential barriers to their learning sue to emotional and mental health issues. The dedicated pastoral team will also work with students to support successful learning.

What makes us different?

TV@ES benefits from the provision of a flexible approach to teaching, learning and support of the learners. We have small study rooms to cater for the needs of the students and well-equipped IT resources to support blended learning and a developing resource centre to support with independent learning. The range of resources and information for all learners include

• Books to support your course

• Online resources

• e-books that you can access from anywhere

• IT facilities

• Dedicated study rooms

• Careers Education IAG

• Access to SharePoint and OneDrive

Additional information

ND: Entry requirements are subject to change and entry to TV@ES may be considered subject to agreed conditions. TV@ES reserves the right to tailor an individual student’s programme of study based on their results in specific subjects. The decision in these matters is final. We also reserve the right to withdraw unviable courses

Out of Area / Independent School Applications

Applications from students out of county or from the independent sector will need to self-register on Kent Choices website. To do this click on ‘Sign in’ and then click on the ‘Register New User’ box, then in the drop-down menu box under ‘Choose your current school or provider’ select ‘Out of Area or Not listed’ then the ‘Create a new account’ button.

Please note that all communication regarding your application will be made via the Kent Choices website. Please look out for notifications alerts in your inbox! You may need to mark as safe if they land in your spam or junk folder.